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We have been keeping busy. Check out the latest news over on our parent company while we redo our site. 


Below is a small but current sample of what can be produced using the Simpfany portal.  We have current generation data daily down at the unit level.  We cover all units (20 MWe and larger) producing power in the US. Please reach out to us if you have questions we would love to discuss how our portal or stand alone executive dashboard products would be helpful to your business.

                                                                                                    The Simpfany Team

During the 1H’20 period, gas turbine related emissions rose 7% on-year due to increased utilization; yet emission per MWh fell by 1% (image below).

If you are in need of a prebuilt, user friendly, web based, data analytics tool Simpfany can help.

Please reach out us if you have any questions about our data.

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SIMPFANY is focused on gathering and presenting the operating statistics of power plant fleets wherever and however the data is made available. Currently, SIMPFANY presents data on USA power plants only but expects to add coverage as global trends seem to favor increasing transparency. Countries like the United Kingdom, India and China offer varying degrees of operating statistics on their power plant fleets which SIMPFANY will work towards packaging and presenting in the near future. 


From the individual performance of a single reciprocating engine, wind turbine plant or solar array to the emission levels of a coal power plant, effective thermal efficiency of an entire gas turbine fleet, or the total usage of a specific type of fuel, SIMPFANY offers a trove of power plant statistics, enables a wide range of performance evaluations across all power gen technologies, and essentially provides a platform of power gen investigation and inquiry. See what’s possible by contacting us anytime. 

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